The SparkDev VR Team.

Dewey Mowris:

Thank you very much everyone who came to see our project at the SparkDev social and your encouraging words! We are on our last week before showing it off at Demo Day! We got some features to put into the project and hope we can get the important ones in.

There is a SparkDev Hackathon coming and I’m hoping a good number of members and I can get together and go gung-ho on this project if the project needs some more work.

I’m glad for those who participated and stayed with us. For those who got too busy and had to leave, thank you for considering us at the beginning. Thank you very much for this semester of SparkDev.

Note: Even though our picture shows someone reaching the goal first. SparkDev is not about completing the project first or making a better project than everyone else. It to try hands-on in a field of interest and getting some knowledge about the field and working in a team.

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