The SparkDev Robotics.

Author: Kayla Ortiz

The Matrix Creator is alive and transforming into PAC-MAN! Thanks to the robotics team awesome members (BIG shout out to Giancarlo Perez!), we have an amazing PAC-MAN animation running on the Matrix Creator, using its shiny LED Array. Along with that, the team is working on making the Animation voice activated. Lets see hope it turns up for Demo day!

Along with the Matrix Creator’s developments, We had our second SparkDev Social this past weekend. It was a ton of fun getting to see all of the SparkDev members and even outside people checking out our projects and getting to talk about the process! We got to work on a clunky taped prototype that we made during the meeting and got it working off of our phones. This upcoming week, we hope to get all the bots working running off of our phones. But for now, we are in a good place to move foward and be ready for Demo Day! See you next week!

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