About Us

Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) is the largest student organization for technology at Florida International University (FIU). Our mission is to provide students with opportunities to develop technically and professionally. We welcome students of all academic backgrounds and skill levels who are interested in technology. By joining the organization, students can participate in our programs, enjoy many benefits, and become part of the tech community at FIU!

UPE is supported by FIU’s College of Engineering & Computing and is sponsored by top companies from all industries. Our organization has been recognized both locally and nationally, named “Outstanding Engineering Organization” by FIU and “Outstanding Chapter” by the UPE National Council.






Active Members

Our Programs

Learn software development through interactive coding workshops

Explore hardware development through hands-on workshops with micro-controllers

Dive into networking, linux, cloud computing, and cyber security

Prepare for a career in technology through professional development

Educate the community about technology through outreach activities

Develop innovative team projects in different fields of technology

Receive guidance from experienced students in technology majors

Participate in hackathons across the state and show off your skills

Engage in active research led by students across different fields

Our Benefits

  • Scholarships

  • Memorabilia

  • Recommendations

  • Leadership Roles

  • Member Events

  • Program Access

Our Sponsors