The SparkDev Robotics.

Author: Kayla Ortiz

Greetings and Salutations Fellow Bot! Robotics Team has had a whirlwind of a week with everything that's been going on. A MAJOR development was we recieved out requested materials! PAC-MAN, here we come! With motors, LED strips, arduino nanos, and tons of breadboards, the robotics team is hard a work getting everything working and running. We have already started coding our motor controls and getting a handle at how speedy our ghosts might be. Co-Lead Samuel says the motors alone can go about 42 mph, but let’s see how our ghosts play out.

In other news, this past friday was SparkDev’s first social! We had a blast getting to talk to all of you interested in learning about robotics and checking out our table :) we hope you had a lot of fun learning about our project and all other in the SparkDev program! Thank you everyone for coming out and we hope to see you at the next social!

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