The SparkDev Mobile Development Team.

Author: Cassandra Zuria

Hello everyone! The Mobile Dev Team has had an awesome week from finishing with the basics of mobile development, coming up with the menu for our app, design for the app, to SparkDev's first social! Although we are building one app, everyone will be focusing on one feature or task at a time. This way, not only will the team collaborate but they will also be learning different aspects of the application. The team has already formed their groups, chosen their features, and have brainstormed ideas on what their feature will be doing and how it will interact with other features of the app. And so this upcoming week we get to start coding our food ordering mobile app! The team seems to be very excited to get started.

This past Friday was SparkDev's first social and it was a blast! We enjoyed getting to see and learn more about all of the other teams' projects. We also enjoyed getting to chat with everyone who was interested in our project and process. So thank you for everyone who came out and we look forward to seeing you at the next social! And do not forget to stay tuned next week for more updates on our food ordering app.

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