The SparkDev Robotics.

Author: Kayla Ortiz

We started off our first two weeks strong with the hardware demos and learning how to code hardware for our projects. The team was incredibly excited to learn about arduinos and how to code for them. Then came physical motors and learning how to control their speeds, along how they function. Last but certainly not least, we ended off the week with some bluetooth and wifi set up, using some Adafruit Bluefruit UART bluetooth modules and XBee Series 1 & 2 Wifi modules. Our team went from the very basic of hardwares to the messes of code from wifi modules. With all that, we had a blast getting our hands dirty with hardware, going as far as making a driving motor that changes speed depending on the distance from a sensor to a hand. Robotics team is amped and ready to go into the next week! PAC-MAN here we come!

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