The SparkDev Mobile Development Team.

Author: Cassandra Zuria

Our first two weeks have been a success as the fundamentals of how a mobile application works, navigating the IDEs, and how to properly use GitHub to collaborate as a team was covered. As Android Studio is a monster in itself, I had to make sure that my team was prepared and understood how to navigate the IDE such what each window pane does and how the files are structured to make their experience with developing a mobile application more pleasant. After covering the basics, the team was incredibly excited to get their feet wet and start using either Android Studio and Xcode.

The team also brainstormed some names and some layouts of how the mobile application should look and feel. It was a challenge for them as our project covers a very broad range of food, but it was amazing to see the designs and ideas that everyone came up with and shared. The Mobile Development team is very excited to start developing our food ordering mobile application and bringing their designs and ideas to life!

Stay tuned for more updates on the team and our development process!

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