The SparkDev Robotics.

Author: Kayla Ortiz

IT’S ALIVE! OUR CREATION IS ALIVE! On its way to being alive actually. With the majority of the members finishing up the bots, we figured it was about time to start getting our wheels and chassis done. Because we like to be all shiny, we decided to 3D print some Mecanum wheels! The team wanted our bots to be able to move forward, backwards, left, and right without having to turn and that is the beauty of mecanum wheels. Thanks to my awesome colead, Samuel Morris, and the help of both the RDF Lab and the Edge Lab on campus, we have got these prints running and successfully printed (with some complications along the way…)

Along with the prints we have running, we have started to build our prototype board and got a reasonable idea to what our board is going to look like. A few members have been extremely useful and were taking time to create 2D and 3D files of the board and the robots chassis! It’s all coming together and I couldn’t be more excited! I am so happy to have such an enthusiastic and motivated team and can't wait to see what else we come up with next week. Bot Leader out and wish all my members and students good luck on midterms :D

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