The SparkDev Robotics.

Author: Kayla Ortiz

Holy SparkDev Robotics Team, Batman! It’s a Robot! Sort of! I am happy to announce the robotics team is starting to set up our robotics. The set up in the photo is the rough demo for our robot, featuring a scorching hot red motor driver (TB6612FNG), a calm cool and collected blue colored bluetooth module (Bluefruit UART Friend), and an obvious spaghetti monster (a mess of multicolored wires).

All the jokes aside, Our team has made immense progress on our board with already working remote control motors! Its been a fun ride so far and now we plan on getting started on the bigger challenge: THE BOARD! Its going to be interesting to see how it goes, but the robotics team is ready to go … with a fire extinguisher on the side lines. See you next week!

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