The SparkDev MobileDev Team.

Author: Cassandra Zuria

The Mobile Development team is excited to be back this Spring semester to create an amazing project as a team! With the goal in mind to learn and get the team familiar with the fundamentals of mobile development, the team will develop an Android and iOS version of the same application for this iteration of SparkDev.

The 9 weeks of SparkDev will consist of learning the tools and the software for developing a native application to learning the best practices and fundamentals of a mobile application development lifecycle and methods while working collaboratively to create one final product. The Mobile Development team will be learning more about and using Java as the language to develop Android native applications and Android Studio as the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Additionally, the team will be learning and using Swift as the language to develop iOS native applications and using Xcode as the IDE. I look forward to seeing the final outcome of our two mobile applications and seeing the team present their final product at Demo Day!

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