The SparkDev Committee.

Author: Mauricio Santos-Hoyos

The Second week is well on it’s way and the momentum is picking up. Here is a Team by Team update from the perspective of the Committee

  • AI: Everything seems to be going according to plan, but it seems the team has outgrown their meeting space. An upgrade is in the works.
  • Cyber Security: This team is starting on their penetration testing demo’s, getting some valuable hands on experience.
  • Game Dev: We’ve secured Unity Pro licenses for the whole team! Concept / Story is in full swing as the team gets their feet wet in Unity.
  • Mobile Dev: We’ve had a few issues with getting this team a room, but it’s all been worked out! The team has also nailed down their application ideas!
  • Robotics: The parts have been ordered, the idea reviewed and refined. The robot invasion is now inevitable!
  • VR:The team has selected their idea and are reviewing Unreal Engine. The current focus is on working out the technicalities of group collaboration on a single project with version control. Will Plastic SCM or Git / Github win?
  • Web Dev: They seem to have confused Java and Javascript for a second, but they sorted themselves out:) Joking, of course. They’ve got tackled Git and Javascript, and will be turning their attention to React next week!

It’s been busy, but it’s been fun as we work with Team leaders and Faculty to ensure that this group of motivated students get the support they deserve to get that good team work and practical hands on experience!

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