August 29, 2016


There are two ways to RSVP to our events:

  • At our Facebook page (Events > Event Page > Select “Going”)
  • By visiting our Events RSVP page and filling out the form

We strongly encourage all students to RSVP, as space is limited for a majority of events. By RSVPing, you will be reserving a spot at one of our events. However, students who RSVP must show up within the first 15 minutes of the event. If they do not appear during this window of time, their spot will be given up to students on the waiting list. If you are very interested in attending an event, please be sure to arrive on time in order to secure your spot. Once you get to the event, remember to sign in so that your attendance is recorded and you earn membership points for that event.

If you have any questions about RSVPing, feel free to send us an email.